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You might not feel as stressed when you lose air conditioning in the middle of the night as you would if the heat were to go out, but when the sun rises, that changes. Fast. You don’t have to let the heat get the best of you. With our team at your back, you’ll be able to call on our services whenever you need us. While many other HVAC companies choose to work according to the clock, we work around it to make sure that our clients are always satisfied.


Call us today for fast service at any time, 24/7 by our team waiting just over there ready to help when others wait until late into the night hours. 


AC Maintenance and Tune-Ups | Keep The Cool Going Strong

When it comes to world-class workmanship, you’ll notice a significant gap between many HVAC companies. Instead of resolving the issue at its core, many contractors prefer to take the easy way out and walk away with your cash in their pockets. When this happens, it’s only a matter of time before the issue comes back, and comes back worse. 


We’ll never push an unnecessary repair on anyone. Still, if getting new cooling is more economical long-term, then our team will let it run its course without false advertisement or lies about what needs to be done to just get everything in place.

Don't Lose Your Cool | Call For AC Repairs

This is a great time to get your AC fixed. When you let the professionals at Hunter Heating and Cooling handle it, they will make sure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently! Keep cool this summer by calling us now to estimate repairs or service today. 

Don’t wait — our technicians are fast-effective, so don’t hesitate to call ASAP.

Luis Dominguez, says:


“We scheduled a consultation for an A/C unit. Julian and Shane showed up on time and were very polite and friendly. They took pictures of items that were concerning to them and gave us a detailed explanation of what they found. We ended up replacing the furnace along with a new A/C and thermostat. Inspections were passed with no problems and we are very happy with our new equipment! We are most pleased with the fact that they weren’t aggressive or pushy trying to sell us anything, they do care about their customer base. We will be contracting Hunter Heating and Cooling for all of our hvac needs in the future. Thank you guys!!!”



Heather Powers, says:


“Hunger Heating is a very professional business that provides good quality work. Julian is very responsive and is able to answer all your questions and concerns.”



Carlos Nogueras, says:


“Julian is a lifesaver. No one else will ever work on my houses. His timely service, his caring and positive attitude made me feel comfortable and trust everything. Julian thank you so much…”


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