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Trying to deal with an air conditioning system that is giving you problems can cause more than one major headache, but the choice for the installation of an AC unit can be just as challenging. It can be difficult for homeowners to be sure of when it’s time to say goodbye to an old system and install a new one, but it doesn’t have to be. 

Here are some clear signs that it’s time for you to upgrade to a new air conditioning system:


You have noticed that your energy bills are unusually high

You have had your system for more than 10 years

The temperature throughout your house is inconsistent

You are constantly having to repair your system

Your air conditioner uses R22 refrigerant, which has been phased out

Air Conditioner Installs and Replacements You Can Trust

If two or more of the above signs apply to your current air conditioning system, it’s safe to say that it is time to get a new cooling unit. Thankfully, getting a replacement for your old AC system is never an issue when you call us. 


We are a company that provides quality service at affordable prices. And not only do we have the latest and greatest in HVAC technology, but our skilled staff can help you seamlessly integrate it into your home or office without breaking any budgets! One way is by installing new systems right now with no additional cost for peace of mind once they’re installed—as if getting fresh air wasn’t enough already.


You’ll potentially save money. An efficient system will cost you lower bills due to lower energy consumption. 

You’ll enjoy a calm atmosphere at home. With more silent machinery, newer systems are much quieter and more peaceful. 

You’ll enjoy better peace of mind – newer systems have better airflow, more modes, and cooler air.

Need Your Air Conditioning Installed or Replaced? Call Our Team!

You deserve an air conditioning system that works for you. Give our team of professionals, who have been trained in every facet of HVAC services available to the consumer (and more), your call today!

Americo Penaflor, says:


“Julian installed a new gas line for a new range. He provided a quote and install within 24hrs. He was very thorough in explaining the services and was professional throughout. Even better, his prices are very competitive; I highly recommend!”



maria spencer, says:


“Julian and Shane are wonderful. They installed a gas line in my home. They worked expeditiously and informed me of the process every step of the way. They are friendly, professional and very knowledgeable. I’ve hired Julian for a few other issues I’ve had and the service has always been excellent!! Thank you both.”



Stephanie Hoxsey, says:


“I had a gas pipe crack and Julian came out quickly and had the pipes fixed in no time at all. He even contacted the inspector and set up for them to come out and check the work. Not having hot water or heat is no fun but Julian at Hunter Heating and Cooling made it far more manageable. Thank you for everything.”


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